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Janice was an absolute pleasure to work with. As my fiancé and I were first-time home buyers and new to the area, we had a lot of questions which Janice address quickly and thoroughly. She made the entire process very smooth and understandable.

Megan Fabry

My husband and I have lived in several states and countries. We can say without any reservation that Janice is one of the very best realtors that anyone could ever find. She is extremely helpful, responsive, trustworthy, diligent and easy to work with. She has gone above and beyond to help us in every aspect for all matters big or small, which has saved us tremendous time and efforts. We are totally satisfied and hold her in high regard. Our heartfelt thanks to Janice!!!

Nancy Chen Xiaorong and Stanley Liu

My husband and I were looking to purchase our first home and we were referred to Janice by a third party. Although we chose not to buy in the end (as a result of some unexpected life changes), Janice was an amazing agent. We relied on her advice, honesty, and knowledge throughout the process. If we do decide to buy in the future in this area, we will definitely work with Janice again!

Casey Berger

As my realtors, Rob Rawls and Janice Woychik worked well as a team  Because they were working as a team, they were able to handle any problems or questions in a timely manner. Both were very professional and did their best to help me understand the procedure of selling my rental property  If iI had another property to sell I would use them again.

Susan Reimer

Janice was excellent. She knew exactly what we wanted to do and provided the best advice and options, always leaving the final decisions to me and my wife. We had to move away during the offseason and wound up renting our house; when the next buying season came around, Janice helped us through every step, including dealing with the renters and the rental management company - things that are not obvious or easy to do. She was quick, efficient, and personable. She has great intuition about buyers and helped us navigate through several offers that ranged from bad news to decent to awesome. We wound up selling our house with a great offer, and earlier than we expected. Everything went better than planned, and Janice was a big contributor to things working out well. I would recommend Janice without any hesitation. If we ever move back to the Raleigh/Durham area, I will definitely call Janice first.

Paul Jung

We were so lucky to find Janice when we moved here from the West coast. She was a great help getting oriented to the area, and when we were ready to start looking for a home, she was professional, cheerful and always ready to meet our needs. She knows her business well and made the whole process very easy. She never minded having to re-explain something to us. And she was never "sales-y", rather it was like working with a friend. She always had our best interests in mind. I would gladly recommend her to friends and family, and will definitely contact her if we need to sell our home in the future.

Marc Lalonde

The day I met Janice Woychik was truly my lucky day! She is a top notch realtor and a true professional!!! Janice took the time to show me around the general neighborhood to familiarize me with shopping, the library, etc. and we spoke about my interests, needs and whatever else it would take to help me feel comfortable in my new home and city. Janice tries to put herself in your place and understand everything that is important to you in a new home and location. Her attention to detail is impeccable, and she truly knows her stuff! She is extremely compete and knowledgeable, and is not afraid to admit it if there's something she doesn't know. She will do the research to find the correct answer rather than hazard a guess or make an incorrect assumption. Janice is a very ethical woman and will always do the right thing for her customers. She is rarely inaccessible by phone, but if for any reason she is unavailable, her excellent partner, Robert Rawls, can always step in to help. Over the years, I have dealt with many realtors, however, Janice is by far the BEST!!!!

Bonni Geier

Janice Woychik is understanding of the buyer's needs, both on a professional and personal level. She not only works with a client desiring a "perfect fit" for a home, but is helpful in acclimating you to your new surroundings - hence she is extremely resourceful. Janice listens to details and in our case found us a lovely condominium when we believed we still wanted to buy a house. She works outside the box and it pays off for everyone in the end!

Dam Romm

Janice helped us navigate the housing market in Chapel Hill and find the perfect house. She took care of everything, and make sure we completely understood each step of the process and each document before signing. She is, to be honest, amazing!

Matthew Lockette

I highly recommend Janice Woychik, she helped me buy my house and made everything so easy and clear to understand, she works very fast providing all the information, she did a lot more than what I was expecting her to do, she is a very hard worker with a lot of passion and dedication to what she does I am so glad that I had her helping me I would definitely hire her for my next home purchase she is just outstanding

Salvador Villegas Vargas

Janice was fantastic in every way! She was so helpful and a great advocate for us. Will gladly recommend her to anyone who needs an agent.

David NeSmith

As a first time buyer Janice was our gift from above. My husband and I had been looking for months - then Janice was introduced to us and everything turned around in a day. I highly recommend her! She knew everything about the community and was able and willing to drive my daughter and me to see homes. She educated me and negotiated for us with extreme professionalism. Within four days we found our place and our offer was accepted. She made our dreams come true.

Stephanie Shevelkin

Janice acted as our buyers agent and was wonderful to work with. My husband and I truly appreciated her helpful, "no nonsense" attitude. Her customer relations skills are top notch! She was attentive to our needs, easy to work with, quick to respond to our questions, very knowledgeable. A+

Cathy Elmore

My wife and I came into contact with Janice as first time home buyers and found the perfect match. Janice guided us through the process as the novices we are, answering any questions promptly and giving sound professional advice. She was always available to show us a home, or respond to any issue we had. I could tell she was always on our side and wanted the best for us. It felt good to know we could honestly trust Janice to look out for us. I highly recommend Janice and would like to thank her again for helping us find our little slice of heaven we call home.

Ben Batley

We were so lucky to find Janice when we moved here from the West coast. She was a great help getting oriented to the area, and when we were ready to start looking for a home, she was professional, cheerful and always ready to meet our needs. She knows her business well and made the whole process very easy. She never minded having to re-explain something to us. And she was never "sales-y", rather it was like working with a friend. She always had our best interests in mind. I would gladly recommend her to friends and family, and will definitely contact her if we need to sell our home in the future.

Marc Lalonde

Janice is a terrific buyer's agent. She is meticulous with the many details of buying a home and she always looked out for our interests while maintaining a good relationship with the seller. We would wholeheartedly recommend Janice.

Rob and Cathy Elmore

Bottom Line: Janice is a terrific agent that will take the time to really listen to your needs and find a house you can truly call home. I worked with Janice for about a year to purchase a home after relocating to the Research Triangle Park area. I knew I wanted to buy a house in the Chapel Hill/Durham area but didn't know much more than that. Janice walk me through the steps of deciding what was right for me, based on my individual circumstances. She talked to me about the strengths and weaknesses of each property type and each property we visited. She really gave me the knowledge to make informed and thoughtful decisions in finding a house. She walk me through a series of homes to help me determine what would be a good fit. As we narrowed down to what I was really looking for, there was never any pressure to buy. She showed great patience and professionalism in meeting my needs as the buyer and allowing me to become comfortable with my purchase. Once we identified a property I wanted, she walked me through the process of placing a bid and purchasing the home, clearly communicating each step along the way. At no point did I feel confused or unsure of what our next step was. By making sure I was Janice really went above and beyond coordinating all of the inspections and appraisals, HOAs and title companies, sellers agent and closing company, all during the holiday season while people are difficult to reach and schedules are crazy. She persisted and we were able to close in January, as expected. I am thankful for Janice's attention to detail, her thoughtfulness, and her willingness to treat me as an individual, not just another sale. Without reservation, I recommend Janice Woychik to anyone looking to buy a home in the greater triangle area.

Mark Miller

I am writing this review in behalf of Janice Woychik and Robert Rawls, who were realtors that helped me purchase a house recently. They make an excellent team, as they helped each other when one was unavailable or busy, and I always had someone to call or meet me at a property I wanted to see. I felt their technical knowledge was superb, and I always had digital documents to sign in a very timely manner. There were no glitches in the paperwork or details of the purchase, and everything went smoothly as far as their work was concerned. One of the most impressive things they did was use their search criteria to find a house that met my requirements - and I had many demands! It had to be in a certain area, not more than 20 minutes from my work, with X number of bathrooms, and so many square feet, and a yard, and a place to store tools and work outside, and within a limited budget range. I had worked with someone else previously who wasn't able to use the search criteria in a way that found places that I wanted to purchase and that's when I looked to Janice and Robert to help me. They helped me in every possible way with all kinds of advice, offering additional information about the locality, vitality of the neighborhood, public tax records, and interpreting a difficult survey. I'm really grateful that I found them. They are both reliable and trustworthy professionals and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to buy a house. It was truly wonderful to work with such a great team!

Manny Quintero

First off, I am a brand new home buyer, as inexperienced as they get. Needless to say, I was very anxious about the whole experience fearing being taken advantage of and pushed into a sale. I hadn’t a slightest idea about any of the processes or even, frankly, what I wanted exactly. Having Janice as my agent put me at ease from the first meeting- she was professional, knowledgeable, calm and comfortable with any question I asked her, she knew an exceptional deal of details about pretty much anything I inquired about. On rare occasion she didn’t have an answer, she recognized her limitations and researched the question – promptly getting back to me. Janice was sensitive to any need of mine and, while searching for a home for me, ascertained each property suggested met my list of assets. She never imposed her opinion on me but rather explained objectively all aspects of situation and let me make a decision. We’ve had very helpful discussions regarding downfalls and advantages of heating systems, back yards, air conditioning, different neighborhoods, as well as future development of each property, including schools, and potential to resell if needed. She was available anytime I needed to reach out to her and never was unable to accommodate any request I had. Any time I asked for a recommendation for a service- she had it handy, she took care of all the details, kept a close eye on financial aspect as well to ensure everything was lined up when I was ready to close on a property. She checked in frequently to see if I had any questions or concerns- and addressed them eagerly and always with a pleasant attitude. She helped me negotiate down a significant sum on the total cost of the property in an efficient, clear manner while setting realistic expectations. The entire process was smooth and rather quick, I am a new homeowner now. Janice does an absolutely terrific job being a realtor- I am so thankful to have had her as my agent, she far exceeded any and all expectations. I will – and have – recommend her to my friends and family in need of realtor services, and I will seek her help if I ever need to move.

Olga G.

My experience with Janice was phenomenal. My fiance and I are relocating to the area to attend graduate school. Not only did Janice understand the details of many properties and the ideal locations, she understood the long term direction of many neighborhoods. She was very low pressure. Many realtors require you to sign a contract before even starting to work with you. Janice will introduce you to the area for the first time for free and without signing a contract. I have worked with a lot of realtors and Janice is very rare. Her professionalism is ideal and she is very empathetic. If you are moving to the area I highly recommend working with Janice. You will learn a lot about the area and have the freedom to make a decision without feeling the pressure that is normal with other real estate agents.

Alan Zarracina

...the owner was extraordinary in her helpfulness.

Leonard Ellis, Rental customer

The owner was easy to work with, provided lots of information about the house and the area, and was very responsive whenever we had questions.

Dawn Jolly, Rental customer

The owner was very helpful with preparations for our visit and the rental process went smoothly.

Scott Smithgall, Rental Customer

The owner was great. Easy communications leading up to the rental, and even during the rental when we had questions. A few months before the rental I thought I'd have to cancel our 2nd week but thanks to Janice's flexibility we didnt need to change plans.

Gerard Coscia, Rental Customer

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